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June 13, 2021 No comments

6/13/21 Update

- replaced deprecated flag on keys - Credits update - DMR sprite fixes - some other backpack and key changes - deleted obsolete dark imp sprites - new railgun flashes and sparks - rocket speed nerfed back - QSG pickup sprite - pistol damage buffed - pistol mags now have bounce sound - removed old […]

May 20, 2021 1 comment

5/20/21 Update

- NEW KEYS LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOO - Good chunk of weapon actor renaming done, lists of actors that can be summoned with the summon command will have to be updated, in general its prefixed by PB_ now - placeholder SSG unload - Excavator sound fix - Akimbo reload code cleanup - M1 Plasma kick animation […]

February 28, 2021 1 comment

Big News for the mod!

Thanks to the help of Final Crash, Project Brutality’s file size is now greatly reduced to 341 MB, with major optimizations to files in the mod itself! All of this is in the GitHub right now!