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Penultimate WADS List

Penultimate WADS List

Hey boys….

Here’s a list of just a few wads that are ESSENTIAL with the almighty Project Brutality.

Here is the currently pinned list of recommended wads for PB, I’ve added wads that I have installed to the list and left everything else the same. Enjoy.

I encourage everyone to share their own wads that are especially great with Project Brutality. @ me and I may update this list.

You can find most download links in Public Files at ProjectBrutality.com courtesy of our great community.

– Maps Of Chaos (XXX)
– Ashes 2 0 6 3 (Sterilized) (XXX)
– Eviternity (XXX)
– Knee Deep in ZDoom (XXX)
– HONTE: Hell ON The Earth (XXX)
– Unfamiliar Episodes (XXX)
– DTWiD: 1, 2, Ultimate, Lost Episodes (XX)
– Scythe 1, 2, X (XX)
– Sunlust (XX)
– DOOM 2 ReBuilT (XX)
– DOOM 2 Dark World (XX)
– Valiant Vaccinated Edition (XX)
– Dark Universe (XX)
– Community Chest IV (XX)
– The Ultimate DOOM X (XX)
– Epic, Epic 2 (X)
– Going Down (X)
– PS2 Quake Reborn (X)
– Japanese Community Project (X)
– Monster Hunter Ltd 1, 2 (X)
– Dimensions Of The Boomed (QUAKE Levels) (X)
– Whitemare
– Hellbound (X)
– ZPack
– Vanguard
– Oops! All Tech Base (X)
– Plutonia Revisited
– Finely Crafted Fetish Film
– Stardate20X6
– BauHaus
– Lunatic
– Exomoon
– Jenesis

– Evil Returns (X)
– Hi-Tech Hell (XX)
– Urania (Plutonia based megawad) (X)
– Escape from Urania
– Alfonzone
– Fork
– UACultra
– No guts, No Glory
– Requiem
– Bloodstain
– Plutonia 2
– Brotherhood of Ruin (X)
– Ultimate Doom 2 (X)
– Insanity
– Memorial
– Winter’s Fury (X)
– New gothic movement
– Ultimate Torment And Torture (XXX)
– Thunpeak (XX)
– Resurge
– NeoDoom
– Legacy Of Heroes (XX)
– Phobos
– Abandoned Mansion
– Lexicon
– Compendium

These are just what I have installed at the moment.

The superb ones are marked with (X). The more X’s the better!!!

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One thought on “Penultimate WADS List

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SineDeviancePosted on  8:25 pm - Aug 15, 2020


Louis-Philippe ArsenaultPosted on  1:10 am - Aug 16, 2020

We should have a link to download them, certain maps are hard to find

tomarobert200@gmail.comPosted on  6:38 am - Aug 16, 2020

Seems like some good wads are not on this list :
-Doom 2 Reloaded
-DTWID (1/2)

I have a spreadsheet that contains some good doom wads for both Doom games : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XkkOjz79atYPuQUWFMaW1kJC9wfhDlHSFxudAdlS3iY/htmlview
Note : I’ts not mine , I just want to give this to the community .

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Scallysnix.Posted on  11:56 am - Aug 16, 2020

Hi Toma,
You’re absolutely right, can’t believe I spaced DTWiD. I totally have them downloaded and on my written list, musta missed them. Hellbound is on there though.

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Scallysnix.Posted on  11:58 am - Aug 16, 2020

Hello “bruh”,

None of these wads are hard to track down. A simple Google search of the name will immediately bring up download links. Expecting me to do all your work for you, when I’ve already done you a favor by creating this list, doesn’t seem that logical to me.

Louis-Philippe ArsenaultPosted on  12:52 pm - Aug 17, 2020

No need to be rude with the “bruh” , Toma list is great. And yes I did the google search for all of them. But in certain map , the link was broken that’s why.

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Scallysnix.Posted on  12:10 am - Aug 18, 2020

Which maps? I can send you the links. Btw, that comment was directed towards someone else who has since removed their comment. Sorry about the misunderstanding

Louis-Philippe ArsenaultPosted on  2:58 pm - Aug 18, 2020

For example Evil Returns it return me to the doom world forum but it seem to only work on zandorum, I still tried it it the lastest version of gzdoom , but it crash on start
So I wonder if it not another Evil Return map enterily .
for exampe DTWID (1/2) you need to know it’s Doom the Way id Did and Doom 2 the Way id Did or else you can go there:
Maybe they are a part of it , I downloaded them all

Louis-Philippe ArsenaultPosted on  3:04 pm - Aug 18, 2020

And no worries , all is forgotten 😉

    Doktor von TotenheimPosted on  4:44 am - Aug 19, 2020

    Well, I uploaded a bunch of maps of listed ones. I don’t think I will delve more, as I suppose we have different tastes and I’m not gonna upload wads just because I like them.
    I hope there are no problems; the maps that had more than one file are in zip, the rest directly in pk3 or wad.

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Scallysnix.Posted on  7:03 pm - Aug 20, 2020

You are King, thanks for saving me a lot of work

nagibrich1@gmail.comPosted on  9:26 pm - Aug 23, 2020

i suggest doom 2 reloaded

Yes indeedPosted on  8:26 pm - Aug 24, 2020

Hacx is mod compatible?

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Scallysnix.Posted on  10:41 am - Sep 2, 2020

HACX is compatible with Project Brutality, you are doing something wrong. I suggest loading it RIGHT after PB then all of your add-ons. All of these wads work well with PB.

youda008@gmail.comPosted on  6:08 pm - Jan 23, 2021

I would totally add at least
Ancient Aliens
Back to Saturn X
Whispers of Satan

No Name GuyPosted on  7:12 pm - Dec 10, 2021

TNT Revilution.

Doom Tribute Lite.
Note: This megawad is incompatible with the progression system. Maybe PB is expecting map01, map02, e1m1, e1m2, etc?? This megawad is map01, map01A, map01B and so on. What happens is, the player gets the correct stuff on map01, but on map01A the player gets tier 4 demons and stuff. I’m no coder or developer, but that’s the only difference I fount when comparing DT with other megawads.
I’m recommending this megawad because in my personal opinion, is the definitive experience when it comes to the classic DooM games plot. There is a more realistic level design approach, but not that complex as Extermination Day or even eye candy as Unfamiliar. It really plays well if people like me want to have a more darker and horror experience by using DarkDoomZ mod and flashlights with PB.
I consider this megawad to be what I call a “level entry” to PB. Which teaches you what PB is without killing your patience with really hard levels and consecutive deaths.
I sure hope you consider this megawad and if it’s worth it, maybe mention to the PB developers to come up with a fix of the progression system.

Here are the links:

MarkPosted on  11:49 am - Apr 2, 2023

I’m still searching, but how can I disable the metal music from Project Brutality? I want the custom music from the maps I use to play and preserve their intended atmosphere.

SirinPosted on  1:00 pm - Dec 4, 2023

Some wads have bugs like can’t open door (Going Down MAP09) , very low FPS (Valiant MAP07), platform doesn’t move (Valiant MAP10, after killing cyberdemon).
PS: My PB3.0 form 2022-05-19 master branch, and the problems above still exist in newest PB-Staging branch.

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