Penultimate WADS List

Penultimate WADS List

Hey boys….

Here’s a list of just a few wads that are ESSENTIAL with the almighty Project Brutality.

Here is the currently pinned list of recommended wads for PB, I’ve added wads that I have installed to the list and left everything else the same. Enjoy.

I encourage everyone to share their own wads that are especially great with Project Brutality. @ me and I may update this list.

You can find most download links in Public Files at courtesy of our great community.

– Maps Of Chaos (XXX)
– Ashes 2 0 6 3 (Sterilized) (XXX)
– Eviternity (XXX)
– Knee Deep in ZDoom (XXX)
– HONTE: Hell ON The Earth (XXX)
– Unfamiliar Episodes (XXX)
– DTWiD: 1, 2, Ultimate, Lost Episodes (XX)
– Scythe 1, 2, X (XX)
– Sunlust (XX)
– DOOM 2 ReBuilT (XX)
– DOOM 2 Dark World (XX)
– Valiant Vaccinated Edition (XX)
– Dark Universe (XX)
– Community Chest IV (XX)
– The Ultimate DOOM X (XX)
– Epic, Epic 2 (X)
– Going Down (X)
– PS2 Quake Reborn (X)
– Japanese Community Project (X)
– Monster Hunter Ltd 1, 2 (X)
– Dimensions Of The Boomed (QUAKE Levels) (X)
– Whitemare
– Hellbound (X)
– ZPack
– Vanguard
– Oops! All Tech Base (X)
– Plutonia Revisited
– Finely Crafted Fetish Film
– Stardate20X6
– BauHaus
– Lunatic
– Exomoon
– Jenesis

– Evil Returns (X)
– Hi-Tech Hell (XX)
– Urania (Plutonia based megawad) (X)
– Escape from Urania
– Alfonzone
– Fork
– UACultra
– No guts, No Glory
– Requiem
– Bloodstain
– Plutonia 2
– Brotherhood of Ruin (X)
– Ultimate Doom 2 (X)
– Insanity
– Memorial
– Winter’s Fury (X)
– New gothic movement
– Ultimate Torment And Torture (XXX)
– Thunpeak (XX)
– Resurge
– NeoDoom
– Legacy Of Heroes (XX)
– Phobos
– Abandoned Mansion
– Lexicon
– Compendium

These are just what I have installed at the moment.

The superb ones are marked with (X). The more X’s the better!!!


One thought on “Penultimate WADS List


SineDeviancePosted on  8:25 pm - Aug 15, 2020


Louis-Philippe ArsenaultPosted on  1:10 am - Aug 16, 2020

We should have a link to download them, certain maps are hard to find

tomarobert200@gmail.comPosted on  6:38 am - Aug 16, 2020

Seems like some good wads are not on this list :
-Doom 2 Reloaded
-DTWID (1/2)

I have a spreadsheet that contains some good doom wads for both Doom games :
Note : I’ts not mine , I just want to give this to the community .


Scallysnix.Posted on  11:56 am - Aug 16, 2020

Hi Toma,
You’re absolutely right, can’t believe I spaced DTWiD. I totally have them downloaded and on my written list, musta missed them. Hellbound is on there though.


Scallysnix.Posted on  11:58 am - Aug 16, 2020

Hello “bruh”,

None of these wads are hard to track down. A simple Google search of the name will immediately bring up download links. Expecting me to do all your work for you, when I’ve already done you a favor by creating this list, doesn’t seem that logical to me.

Louis-Philippe ArsenaultPosted on  12:52 pm - Aug 17, 2020

No need to be rude with the “bruh” , Toma list is great. And yes I did the google search for all of them. But in certain map , the link was broken that’s why.


Scallysnix.Posted on  12:10 am - Aug 18, 2020

Which maps? I can send you the links. Btw, that comment was directed towards someone else who has since removed their comment. Sorry about the misunderstanding

Louis-Philippe ArsenaultPosted on  2:58 pm - Aug 18, 2020

For example Evil Returns it return me to the doom world forum but it seem to only work on zandorum, I still tried it it the lastest version of gzdoom , but it crash on start
So I wonder if it not another Evil Return map enterily .
for exampe DTWID (1/2) you need to know it’s Doom the Way id Did and Doom 2 the Way id Did or else you can go there:
Maybe they are a part of it , I downloaded them all

Louis-Philippe ArsenaultPosted on  3:04 pm - Aug 18, 2020

And no worries , all is forgotten 😉

    Doktor von TotenheimPosted on  4:44 am - Aug 19, 2020

    Well, I uploaded a bunch of maps of listed ones. I don’t think I will delve more, as I suppose we have different tastes and I’m not gonna upload wads just because I like them.
    I hope there are no problems; the maps that had more than one file are in zip, the rest directly in pk3 or wad.


Scallysnix.Posted on  7:03 pm - Aug 20, 2020

You are King, thanks for saving me a lot of work

nagibrich1@gmail.comPosted on  9:26 pm - Aug 23, 2020

i suggest doom 2 reloaded

Yes indeedPosted on  8:26 pm - Aug 24, 2020

Hacx is mod compatible?


Scallysnix.Posted on  10:41 am - Sep 2, 2020

HACX is compatible with Project Brutality, you are doing something wrong. I suggest loading it RIGHT after PB then all of your add-ons. All of these wads work well with PB.

youda008@gmail.comPosted on  6:08 pm - Jan 23, 2021

I would totally add at least
Ancient Aliens
Back to Saturn X
Whispers of Satan

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