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Monthly Archive November 21, 2021

11/21/21 Update

Lots of smaller changes to previously implemented things, alongside the MG42 being added.

First we have the changelog from 11/7/21.

- fixed a change to horizontal sway affecting mouse sensitivity
- cleaned up the Rev Missile anims (a temporary thing but thank you neonvortex, i forgot your discord name lol sry)
- Akimbo ammo counter on HUD now, with proper graphics and stuff (also thank you neonvortex)

Then the 11/9/21 log.

- MG42 added for the most part, couple issues to iron out
- demon runes removed
- some unused death related things and a few unused left over boss assets

And now todays log, 11/21/21.

- new MG42 firing sound
- MG42 controlled burst firerate increased
- fixes to Cyberdemon randomly becoming solid/non solid during its death anim
- fixes headshot deaths not happening on the base cyberdemon
- more changes to the YSway system, an option in the menu now exists to control how it works and a CVar for it
0 - sway happens when looking up and down, but the direction of the sway is always down
1 - sway happens only when looking up
- clipping of the bottom of sprites should no longer happen as well

There should be some more tweaks coming soon as well. Stay tuned!