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9/22/2021 Update

Hey all! Its been a while because the team has been working on the new LMG and HDMR and what not, plus the fallout from the server. Here is the changelog of the recent update!

-New sprites for the empty SGL drum
-New method for the Freeze ray laser, still needs some tweaking. It shouldn't look like a bunch of long projectiles now
-Carbine casing spawning redone with a new function specifically for casing spawning
-New function for doing weapon respects, basically just back end stuff
-Separated the helmet animation from the DMR, should fix some little issues with some things

A PR is up for more optimization and the full on removal of anything tank related.  It has some small conflicts, expect it to be merged soon.


6/13/21 Update

- replaced deprecated flag on keys
- Credits update
- DMR sprite fixes
- some other backpack and key changes
- deleted obsolete dark imp sprites
- new railgun flashes and sparks
- rocket speed nerfed back
- QSG pickup sprite
- pistol damage buffed
- pistol mags now have bounce sound
- removed old sounds
- updated caustic dtech flashes
- dtech idle anim redone
- shotgun nerfed, 8 >6 pellets
- tried to nerf Dragon's Breath, but its gonna need more testing. Now fires 8 pellets instead of 10 or 9.
- Decreased Dragon's Breath tracer damage from 7 to 2.
- Decreased A_Explode damages from 21 to 10, and 5 to 3.
- Brought back the self damage from the burning dragon's breath pieces from earlier PB versions.
- shotgun wad adjustments
- shotgunguy sprite fix
- railgun projectile slight changes
- changes to impaled marines

5/20/21 Update

- Good chunk of weapon actor renaming done, lists of actors that can be summoned with the summon command will have to be updated, in general its prefixed by PB_ now
- placeholder SSG unload
- Excavator sound fix
- Akimbo reload code cleanup
- M1 Plasma kick animation change
- Buffed Rockets damage and speed
- Pulse cannon projectiles improved
- Restored original Black Hole projectile sprites, but optimized them greatly
- kick and quick melee states are now one single state
- fixed slot number on rev launchers
- Unmaker selects faster, and should be more friendly with Gearbox
- Fixed some terrain stuff
- fixed Pinkies spawning infinite arm gibs
- fixed right SMG recoil when akimbo (had a bug where it recoiled straight up)
- increased Deagle recoil, and matched its aimed firerate to the hip fire rate
- updated carbine wheel graphics
- fixed DMR left gun reload
- left SMG now reloads properly, currently placeholder
- new SMG hipfire sprites
- Pyro Sergeant IS GONE :crab:
- deagle quick melee animation
- new SGL flashes (see clip above)
- new ASG flashes (see clip above)
- Captured marine rotations
- Nashgore gib will no longer float in air for now, not a complete fix
- QSG recoil
- Fixed marine/blur CVar
- heavy backpack now gives 6 rev missiles

Big News for the mod!

Thanks to the help of Final Crash, Project Brutality’s file size is now greatly reduced to 341 MB,

with major optimizations to files in the mod itself!

All of this is in the GitHub right now!


11/16/20 Update

A new update has been released on the GitHub:


Main feature: RL overhaul

Complete overhaul of the rocket launcher phase 1. Three fire modes. Lock-on, laser, standard. Can load up to three missiles at once. To use lock-on mode, hold secondary fire to scan for targets, and simultaneously click primary fire on a valid target to paint up to three targets, and then release secondary fire to unleash the barrage. Smaller fixes too, removed unused items and pickups. Phase 2 of rocket launcher to come soon with bug fixes and a new scope functionality.

List of other miscellaneous changes:

Frozen Chainsaw Zombie (when you use the freeze rifle or cryo mode on SGL) fixed and revamped to new sprites

Mean demon blood color from some death sprites corrected

Fixed Carbine Zombieman carbine drop where he dropped two carbines on one head death animation

Silenced Pistol select fixed, notarget flag added to some burning monsters

Overlay fixes when throwing equipment or taunting

Dual Deagles, Revolvers and M1 Plasma Rifles unload properly

Deagle and ASG now have placeholderish quick melee animations

Fixed major crash with the Railgun when firing on Rail mode with no reserve cell ammo

Fixed another major crash, but with the Pistol, when unloading with no ammo left in pistol

Dying Sergeants with leg shot off now play the proper death sounds when they die, ZSpec Ops leg death animation now spawns a shot off leg and spawns the SMG

Dual SMGs are now unload properly

Freezer, Railgun and M2 Unloads tweaked to remove unused frames and to fix minor disappearance bugs

Fixed railgun quick scope exploit (it needs to go XD)

ASG firing with drum end frames tweaked to be more consistent with the idle sprite

Carbine, Revolver and Deagle buffed

Removed useless old inventory related to dual wield weapons, M1 Plasma left reload tweaked to have a better translation

One of the decorations (impaled Zombieman alive) is now shootable again

Dual M2 plasma rifles firing now alert monsters properly

Impaled Marine decorations now properly scream when killed with a fire based weapon (Demon Tech Rifle in Inferno mode, SGL incendiary, Flame Cannon, Unmaker)

Some A_Scream and A_NoBlocking functions combined together converted to A_ScreamAndUnblock (more cleaner and basically both A_Scream and A_NoBlocking/A_Fall in one anonymous function)


Make sure to check it out over on the GitHub!