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10/27/21 Update

10/27/21 Update

Hey everyone! As you’ve probably seen, the new MP40 is still in the works, with the LMG and HDMR coming soon, but not yet. But we have several changes to share today.
The changelog will be split in two today, the first being changes on September 26th, the second being todays changes, October 27th.

September 26th

- restored any changes accidentally removed by the optimization branch
- small fixes to the new laser for the freeze ray
- a Cyberdemon death animation, to make killing it a bit more dramatic and cool
- weapons now always sprite bob
- weapon sprites tilt slightly when strafing
- camera roll now happens all the time

October 27th

- subtle vertical sway added to weapons, horizontal sway turned down slightly
- fixed ASG drum not having a respect when picked up after the ASG has been respected normally
- added mugshot to HUD, slightly off center, might be even more so for some resolutions, but it works for now
- more UNF to revolver
- chamber now correctly rotates when fan firing
- revolver flash changes
- some sound changes
- deagle firing overhaul

One thought on “10/27/21 Update

tarhanbalci93@gmail.comPosted on  5:16 pm - Mar 6, 2024

Hello, I am using zdl launcher. I am getting a script error when running Project brutality. How can I get rid of this situation? Can I reinstall the current 2021 versions of Project Brutality?

tarhanbalci93@gmail.comPosted on  5:18 pm - Mar 6, 2024

ZDL Launcher opens the project brutality game very slowly. How can I play the mode smoothly? Zdl get slowly open the mod please help me ? I think mod have little problem

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