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9/22/2021 Update

9/22/2021 Update

Hey all! Its been a while because the team has been working on the new LMG and HDMR and what not, plus the fallout from the server. Here is the changelog of the recent update!

-New sprites for the empty SGL drum
-New method for the Freeze ray laser, still needs some tweaking. It shouldn't look like a bunch of long projectiles now
-Carbine casing spawning redone with a new function specifically for casing spawning
-New function for doing weapon respects, basically just back end stuff
-Separated the helmet animation from the DMR, should fix some little issues with some things

A PR is up for more optimization and the full on removal of anything tank related.  It has some small conflicts, expect it to be merged soon.


One thought on “9/22/2021 Update

Jhutch82Posted on  6:35 am - Oct 16, 2021

awesome news! cant wait for the next update! IMO this is by far the most enjoyable mod for doom. There is so much to this mod I still come across new shit I never knew existed, and I’ve been playing this daily for over 5 years!

OPShredderPosted on  3:04 am - Oct 25, 2021

Try adding a dark matter gun

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