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The Website is Live!

The Website is Live!

Welcome to the Project Brutality Community Assets site!

Currently, you can contribute to the community in the following ways:

  1. By Joining the Discord!
  2. By uploading Project Brutality-related files to the Public File Intake: https://projectbrutality.com/archive/index.php/s/g7jZLnzzDrq4qWy
  3. By adding information about the mod and community addons to this website:
    You can even…


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One thought on “The Website is Live!

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GOLDƎN MOBSTƎЯ72Posted on  7:15 pm - Aug 15, 2020


xeno1979@hotmail.nlPosted on  8:03 pm - Aug 15, 2020

wow… such empty here.. lmfao
Good job guys and good luck!!

tambam10@yahoo.comPosted on  4:01 pm - Aug 20, 2020

Hexagun shotgun addon doesn’t work I think you should remove it from the website (You cant reload the gun)

LORD PINKY_DINKSPosted on  8:52 pm - Sep 5, 2020

nice place ya got here but i notice an inherent lack of Gibs/Gore

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